Something Other Than Tacoma - Finally!

It's been a while since I've added entries, but I finally have some new ones to report. As I was getting ready to move away from Seattle, I made a list of places that I had always meant to get to but never had. And I started knocking those off the list. Many of those excursions provided the basis for these new entries.

Check out more additions to my Washington destinations on my Explore Washington page.

Road Trip Summaries and Photos

As I travel, I often write up trip summaries with photos that I share with family and friends. I've started adding some of those to the site. Here's the latest:

In October 2017 I drove from Las Vegas to Illinois and Iowa to visit some relatives. I padded the drive with some sightseeing days in New Mexico, Texas, Illinois, Nebraska, Wyoming and Utah. An odd mix of sites, but some road trips are like that.

You can find more of these on my Road Trips page.

Slideshows Update

I have continued to add slideshows to my YouTube channel. You will find these and more slideshows on the Slideshows page. And please subscribe to the MarkHitsTheRoad channel on YouTube.

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Major cities, national parks, historic sites, scenic views, hikes along secluded trails, and out of the way places are all here. And when I travel I'll hit the brakes to get pictures of interesting buildings, old business icons, classic theatres, funny signs and anything that claims to be the biggest-smallest-oldest-oddest of its kind - an ecclectic combination of whatever catches my eye. I hope you enjoy them, too.

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Under Construction

Website Construction Update

I have neglected the website for awhile as I focused on an interstate move followed by my retirement, but I have finally added a number of new entries, and I have more on the way.

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