Frequently Asked Questions

You may have questions. I certainly have answers.

Who took all the photos?

I did.

You really visited all of these places?

Yes. I've covered a lot of ground.

How many states have you been to?

All 50. Hawaii twice and all the others five times or more.

How many countries have you been to?

More than 30. Plus Antarctica and Gibraltar territory.

Good grief. Do you do anything other than travel?

I do work, if that's what you're asking. But I've made good use of my vacation time, weekend getaways, personal travel and business-related travel opportunities.

So you went to Antarctica on business?

Nope. I was visiting relatives. ;-)

Do you have some favorite destinations?

Of course. But any place is worth exploring. I can have a great trip overseas followed by a great road trip weekend driving around northern Idaho.

What are your favorite destinations?

In the U.S. my favorite cities include New York, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. My favorite U.S. destination, though, is the red rock country of the Colorado Plateau, which includes most of Utah, northern Arizona, northwestern New Mexico and western Colorado. I also love the Appalachians, the desert Southwest and Great Basin regions, mountains and rugged coastlines.

And outside of the U.S.?

My favorite cities include London, Berlin and Buenos Aries, but I have enjoyed most cities overseas that I've visited. There's much to love about the United Kingdom. Antarctica and Norway are quite beautiful. Jordan has an amazing concentration of places to see.

Any places you don't like?

"Don't like" is too strong a term. I'm not much of a beach person. Beaches are pretty, but after I get a few photos, I'll look for something else to see. Resorts and theme parks don't do anything at all for me. And although I like science and technology, most U.S. museums on the subject are so focused on making their displays entertaining and playful for kids that they seem to have given up on their adult visitors entirely.

Do you accept suggestions for places to see?

Sure. Especially for hidden gems and non-obvious places. Of course, I've been all over the U.S., so just because a destination or sight isn't on the website, that doesn't mean I haven't been there.

Do you accept submissions?

No. There are issues associated with copyrights and model releases that submissions would open up. It's easier for me to keep track of who owns what content on the site if I own it all.

Besides, this is just a side project of mine to recommend travel destinations and sights I've come across in my own travels. If I haven't been there myself, I'm not in a position to recommend it.

How do you decide what destinations and sights you create entries for?

(1) I've been there. (2) I've got at least one decent photo of the place. (3) I think others might be interested in it.

I sometimes mention or create an entry about a business, but the same criteria apply - I don't receive any compensation from those businesses in exchange for a mention or entry. (If I put ads on the website someday, I might indirectly receive money from a featured business through ad revenue, however.)

Some of the entries do not include any photos. Some of the places that I recommend visiting do not permit photos (often true inside some churches and museums in particular), or they may allow photos but restrict their use. It is my intent to respect their wishes.

There's a little picture at the bottom of each page. Are they really all different?

Thanks for noticing. I call those tags, and I am trying to make sure that no two tags are identical, although some may be similar (e.g., two different stop signs). You should see some of the looks I get when I'm taking photos of traffic signs and other travel-related markers.

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