Take A Road Trip

I love to hit the road. Road trips are my favorite way to spend a vacation or getaway weekend, targeting some great places and discovering new sites along the way.

Once I get to some destination - especially cities - I'll park the car and explore the area on foot. Walking is a great way to see the sights of a city.

I will be adding summaries of my recent road trips and walking tours, making recommendations for others planning their own trips. Enjoy the ride.

Road Trips and Walking Tours

In October 2017 I drove from Las Vegas to Illinois and Iowa to visit some relatives, padding the drive with some sightseeing days in New Mexico, Texas, Illinois, Nebraska, Wyoming and Utah:

In September 2017 I took a 2-week road trip around New Mexico and southwest Texas as I headed to Fort Worth, Texas to visit family:

In August 2017 I took a 9-day road trip around the Great Basin region, visiting sites in eastern California, northern Nevada, southeastern Oregon and eastern Oregon that I had dropped from a number of past trips due to time constraints (and last year's forest fire in one case):

In July 2017 I spent two weeks exploring northwest New Mexico and northeast Arizona; during this trip I visited or saw about three dozen Ancestral Puebloan ruins sites, many associated with Chaco or Mesa Verde cultures; I also took in a number of geological sites and some museums, and I took about two dozen shorter to mid-length hikes:

In May 2017 I took a road trip that included three nights in the small town of Tonopah, Nevada; I had stopped there for the night on a handful of previous trips and had compiled a list of places to check out in the area; I took a California route back home that included some colorful geology and a place nicknamed Star Wars Canyon:

In April 2017 I took a two-week trip to Utah, taking familiar roads but visiting a lot of new sites and sites that I haven't been to in years - even decades in some instances. I especially focused on places in the San Rafael Swell, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and locations around Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, but visited other areas:

In March 2017 I returned to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in southern California to check out a wildflower superbloom (result of the state's good winter rainfall), and then continued on to southwest Arizona to visit some sites there that I dropped from last fall's trip:

Here is a photo set from a November 2016 trip I took to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and some national monuments and other public lands sites in southern California:

Here is a summary/photo set from the October 2016 cross-country road trip I took to visit relatives in Texas and the Midwest:

These are a couple summaries and photos sets from an August 2016 road trip I took around central and northern Nevada:

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