Arctic Coast

Plane Views Over Alaska

When I flew between Fairbanks and Barrow, we made stops each way in Deadhorse/Prudhoe Bay. The flight segments between Barrow and Deadhorse closely followed Alaska's arctic coast. From the air, it appears mostly barren, desolate and spotted by countless lakes, except for an oil installation here and there.

The photos aren't very good - they're scans from prints from my July 1992 trip to Barrow. But they give you a bit of a sense of what the arctic looks like.

alaska arctic coast prudhoe bay

My First View of the Arctic Ocean (A92A0133)

alaska arctic coast prudhoe bay deadhorse

Approaching Deadhorse (A92A0134)

alaska arctic coast oil installation

Isolated Oil Installation (A92A0208)

alaska arctic coast

Arctic Coast (A92A0144)

alaska arctic circle

Arctic Coast (A92A0207)
The coast is covered with lakes, big and small.

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Check out the view from the ground:

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