Central Landscape

Plane Views Over California

Central California is home to the Central Valley and Sacramento Valley. From the air, much of it appears as flat farmland that abuts the rugged mountains to the west and east.

over california east of arvin

Highway 58 East of Arvin (S11A0967)

over california near coalinga

Approaching the Farmland near Coalinga (L13A0029)

over coalinga california

Coalinga (L13A0034)
The contrast between the Cholame Hills and Coalinga-area farmland is pretty sharp.

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A Hill Intrudes into Farm Country (S11A0045)
Central Valley farmland abuts the Sierra foothills.

over california's sacramento valley

Sacramento Valley Ridge (S12A1873)
This ridgeline roughly west of Willow and off to the south caught my eye.

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Sacramento Valley Ridge (S12A1878)
A bit further north that ridgeline seems to branch out.

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