East Bay Cities

Plane Views Over California

San Francisco gets most of the attention in the Bay Area, but Oakland, Berkeley and other East Bay cities are also worth a visit.

over oakland california

Oakland (S12A0119)
My flight from Seattle to San Francisco gave me a nice view of Oakland from the west.

over oakland california

Oakland and San Francisco Bay (S12A1846)
My return flight on the same trip gave me views of Oakland and San Francisco from the east.

over oakland california

Downtown Oakland (S12A1848)
Here's a closer look at downtown Oakland and Lake Merritt.

over berkeley california

Berkeley (S12A1850)
Berkeley is home to the University of California, atlthough the school is off to the bottom of this shot.

over richmond california

Richmond and the San Rafael Bridge across the Bay (S112A1856)
The bridge crosses San Francisco Bay connecting Richmond and San Rafael.

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