Los Angeles

Plane Views Over California

Here are some views of Los Angeles, taken on flights between Seattle and San Diego.

california los angeles downtown south central

Downtown L.A. (S11A0955)
Downtown Los Angeles (upper left), South Central (center) and South L.A. (right) are seen from the southwest. The University of Southern California is located along the bottom, center-right of the picture. Note the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum just to the right of that, where the school's football team plays.

california beverly hills

Beverly Hills (S11A0957)
Santa Monica Boulevard (center, bottom to top) and Wilshire Boulevard (lower left to upper right) intersect at the bottom of this picture near the west end of Beverly Hills. The residential neighborhood to the left of Santa Monica Boulevard spans the width of the city between the Los Angeles Country Club (bottom left) and West Hollywood (upper left). Sunset Boulevard follows the left edge of the photo.

california los angeles marina del ray venice beach

Marina Del Ray (S11A0063)
Marina Del Rey is seen from the east. Venice Beach follows the coast to the right.

california los angeles san fernando valley

San Fernando Valley (L13A1834)
The Ventura Freeway crosses the San Fernando Valley along the north side of the Santa Monica Mountains. Just beyond the Encino Reservoir (center), I-405 crosses the mountains.

california los angeles airport lax

Los Angeles Airport (S11A0064)
Many visitors to the area fly through Los Angeles Airport, or LAX.

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