Modoc County

Plane Views Over California

Modoc County is the sparsely populated remote county in the northeast corner of California. I've actually driven through it a couple times as I traveled between Lava Beds National Monument and Lassen Volvanic National Park. But after flying over the county a few times, I'd like to check out a few things from the ground.

This part of California, along with eastern Oregon and Washington to the north, have a lot of volcanic history and a fractured landscape. In Oregon, this has results in a series of giant step-like "rims", including Abert Rim just across the border north of Modoc County. Flying over Modoc County and its ground-level fractures are readily apparent.

But there's another feature that catches my eye. A number of lakes and reservoirs appear to have several evenly spaced small islands in them. They show up in Google satellite images as well, so I know it wasn't some one-time thing. I'd like to find out what they are and see what they look like at surface level.

over modoc county california fractures

Fractured Landscape of Modoc County (S11A0026)
Fracture lines cross large sections of Modoc County.

over modoc county california spotted lake

Spotted Lake in Modoc County (S11A0025)
Similar patterns of these small islands can be seen from the air in a number of Modoc County lakes and reservoirs.

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