Plane Views Over California

The Cascade Range of the Pacific Northwest extends southward into northern California. The Cascade Range features a number of stratovolcanoes, including Mt. Shasta and Lassen Peak in northern California.

over mt shasta california

Mt. Shasta (S12A0054)
At 14, 179 feet tall, Mt. Shasta is the second tallest of the stratovolcanoes in the Cascade Range - Mt. Rainier is taller. Mt. Shasta has some fading glaciers on it, but has had limited snow coverage in recent years due to ongoing drought conditions in California.

over lassen peak california

Lassen Peak (L13A0006)
Lassen Peak, the southernmost of the active volcanoes in the Cascades, was the Mt. St. Helens of the early 20th century, experiencing an explosive eruption in May 1915 that wiped out nearby areas and sent volcanic ash hundreds of miles away. Its recovery gives us some idea of what to expect with Mt. St. Helens.

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