Plane Views Over Hawaii

Clouds have interferred with the views on flights between Hawaii and the mainland and when island-hopping. But I've gotten a few decent photos of Oahu, including a shot of Diamond Head when heading for the Big Island from Oahu during my first Hawaiian trip.

hawaii oahu diamond head crater

Diamond Head Crater (H93A0139)
Diamond Head Crater looks pretty distinctive from up here.

hawaii oahu waikiki

Waikiki (H93A0138)

hawaii oahu north shore

North Shore (H06A0010)
You might feel a little "Lost" if you found a polar bear on this side of Oahu.

hawaii oahu kaena point

Kaena Point (H06A0013)
Keana Point is the northwestern tip of Oahu.

hawaii oahu waianae

Waianae Coast (H06A0016)
This is a look at Oahu's west coast.

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