Central Cascades

Plane Views Over Washington

These photos were taken over the area in or near the Cascade Mountains close to the Seattle airport.

lake scanewa

Lake Scanewa (S11A0004)
The Cowlitz River, carrying glacial flour from Mt. Rainier, mixes with the clear water of the Cispus River at Lake Scanewa.

north bend

North Bend (W10A0005)
North Bend gained some fame when several places in the area were used as filming locations for the TV series Twin Peaks.

snoqualmie river valley

Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River Valley (W10A0008)
There's a lot of great hiking in the valley and surrounding mountains, with some trailheads reached in just an hour's drive from downtown Seattle.

cascade mountains

The Cascades (W10A0020)

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Check out the view from the ground:

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