Columbia River

Plane Views Over Washington

The Columbia River originates in Canada and slices through central Washington before following the border between Oregon and Washington to the Pacific Ocean.

columbia River, lake roosevelt, spokane river

Columbia River at Lake Roosevelt (W10A0039)
The Grand Coulee Dam in Washington turned a 150-mile stretch of the Columbia River into Franklin D. Roosevelt Lake, more commonly known as Lake Roosevelt. This photo shows where the Spokane River flows into Lake Roosevelt from the east.

columbia river at wenatchee

Columbia River at Wenatchee (R11A0011)
Here in the heart of central Washington, the Columbia River flows south towards Wenatchee. The Rocky Reach Dam is located in the middle of the picture.

columbia river at tri-cities

Columbia River South of the Tri-Cities (N05A2028)
Here the Columbia River is approaching the Oregon border, just south of the Tri-Cities. The Snake River flows into the Columbia here from the east (top).

columbia river at the pacific ocean

Columbia River Flows into the Pacific Ocean (H06A0002)
This picture looks south along the Washington coast at Willapa Bay and Long Beach Peninsula. The Columbia River flow westward across the top of the photo where it finishes its journey to the Pacific Ocean.

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