Mt Rainier

Plane Views Over Washington

Mt. Rainier is 14,411 feet tall and is visible for miles in all directions as it is much taller than any of the surrounding mountains. It is also one of the world's most dangerous volcanoes, not just for its potential blast force but also because it is covered with glaciers that could rapidly melt during an eruption, sending massive lahars all the way to Tacoma and into Puget Sound.

Mt. Rainier is also spectacular, from both land and air.

mt. rainier

Magnificent Mt. Rainier (D05C0084)
This is my favorite photo of Mt. Rainier.

mt. rainier

Mt. Rainier and the White River Valley (D05A0089)
White River starts at the base of Emmons Glacier on Mt. Rainier, taking its name from the glacial flour it carries out from underneath the glacier. Mt. St. Helens can be seen in the distance.

mt. rainier summit

Mt. Rainier Summit (U07A0004)
Here's a view of the summit of Mt. Rainier.

mt. rainier summit crater

Mt. Rainier Summit Crater (U07A0005)
There are two volcanic craters on Mt. Rainier's summit, each more than 1,000 feet wide. Heat from the volcano helps to keep parts of the crater rims free of ice and snow cover.

mt. rainier summit crater

Mt. Rainier from the South (R13A0004)
Here's a view of Mt. Rainier from the south.

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Check out the view from the ground:

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