Other Washington Mountains

Plane Views Over Washington

Here are a few pictures of other prominent mountains in Washington.

olympic mountains

Olympic Mountains (C07A0003)
This view of the Olympics may feature Mt. Olympus, as this peak appeared to be the tallest one from my window seat perspective. The photo also shows one of the downsides of taking photos from planes. The double paned windows on some planes give the photos a blue hue.

mt. baker

Mt. Baker (S06A4493)
Mt. Baker, a Cascades volcano, is the third tallest mountain in Washington. It is also one of the snowiest places on earth, with a world record 95 feet of snow falling nearby in 1999.

mt. adams

Mt. Adams (V08A0001)
Mt. Adams is the second tallest mountain in Washington, and it is one of the volcanoes in the Cascase Range.

Related Sights

Check out the view from the ground:

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