Seattle Area

Plane Views Over Washington

These are photos of places I flew over near Seattle.


Bremerton (C07A0001)
This photo of Bremerton features part of the Navy shipyard (lower right) and Dyes Inlet (upper center).

sea-tac airport

Sea-Tac Airport (D05C0103)
We passed Sea-Tac Airport to its east before turning around to make our landing approach.

bellevue mercer island

Bellevue and Mercer Island (J04A0552)
The floating I-90 bridge (lower left) crosses Lake Washington to connect Seattle to Mercer Island (lower right). Bellevue's downtown is visible across the lake. The Cascade Mountains can be seen in the distance.


Everett (U12A3831)
The plane is crossing the Snohomish River valley, providing this view of Everett and of Whidbey and Camano Islands in Puget Sound.

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