Kurt Cobain Tributes

Aberdeen, Washington

Downtown; Riverside Park

Kurt Cobain was the lead singer, guitarist and primary songwriter for Nirvana, a grunge band that had huge success in the early 1990s, until his suicide in 1994. Cobain was born in Aberdeen, Washington, and there are some tributes to the late musician in town.

as you were kurt cobain

As You Were Sculpture (W11A0004)
The sculpture As You Were was created by artists Kim and Lora Malakoff. Located in Riverfront Park, it serves as a memorial to Cobain. Cobain reportedly sometimes slept under the nearby bridge that crosses the Wishkah River there. After his body was cremated, some of his ashes were scattered near this site, located a few blocks from his boyhood home.

kurt cobain tribute

Kurt Cobain Tribute (O10A0213)
This downtown Aberdeen sculpture features an angelic Kurt Cobain with his guitar.

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