Waterfront Sights

Anacortes, Washington

Q Ave east of downtown

After getting dinner in Anacortes, I usually take a walk around town, and often end up along the waterfront where I like checking out the boats in the marina. There are a few sculptures in the area, most notably the Seafarer's Memorial.

anacortes seafarer's memorial

Anacortes Seafarer's Memorial (Z12A0005)
The Seafarer's Memorial was erected to honor the memory of those fishermen and others from Anacortes who died at sea. The memorial lists the names of dozens of people.

anacortes lady of the sea sculpture

Lady of the Sea Sculpture (Z12A0006)
Sculptor Deborah Copenhaver's Lady of the Sea is "dedicated to those who work and play in the sea, and the families and friends who wait for them." (Ray Separovich)

anacortes annie curtis sculpture

Annie Curtis Sculpture (Z12A0004)
Anacortes was named after Annie Curtis, wife of founder Amos Bowman, although the name was give a Spanish twist. The sculpture Annie Curtis, by Gerard Tsutakawa, depicts some of the early history of the town.

anacortes fishing boat

Anacortes Fishing Boat (Z12A0007)
This is one of a number of fishing boats in the Anacortes marina.

Nearby Sights

While you're in the area, check out these sights:

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