Chuckanut Drive And Larrabee State Park

Bellingham, Washington

Hwy 11 between Bellingham and Burlington

The Chuckanut Mountains are located along the coast just south of Bellingham. They're the only part of the Cascade Range that meets the the sea, in this case Puget Sound.

Chuckanut Drive - State Highway 11 - follows this section of coast for 21 miles, squeezed between the mountains and the sound. The two-lane highway provides a slower, winding, and more scenic route between Burlington and Bellingham than nearby I-5 does. Though it's not nearly as scenic as, say, Big Sur. Many of the views are obscured by trees. However, for a time it was part of the Pacific Highway, a set of highways that connected San Diego, California to Vancouver, British Columbia.

The northern part of Chuckanut Drive passed through Larrabee State Park, the oldest state park in Washington. The park provides some of the best views along Chuckanut Drive, especially along the beach and coast of Puget Sound's Samish Bay.

chuckanut road and larrabee state park

Waterfront at Larrabee State Park (C14A0009)
The Chuckanut Mountains border on Puget Sound.

Nearby Sights

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