Seal Rock Beach

Brinnon, Washington

Hwy 101, 4 miles N of Brinnon

The name of Seal Rock Beach along Puget Sound's Hood Canal caught my eye, so I thought I'd take a break from the drive to check it out in hopes of seeing some seals. I didn't see any seals, but it was low tide when I got there and the beach was covered with oyster shells as well as some live oysters and mussels. In the shallow water just off the beach were countless starfish - or sea stars - although some had been stranded on the beach when the tide dropped. As someone who came here from the midwest, I still find it fascinating to see the creatures that low tide reveals - even if I'm too old to squeal in delight like the young kids on the beach who were also discovering the starfish.

As I write this, there has been a die-off of West Coast starfish, the result of some kind of wasting syndrome. A couple weeks ago it was reported that signs of the wasting syndrome had started appearing in the Hood Canal. The cause remains unknown. I can only hope that I'll still find starfish the next time I explore the waterfront at low tide. Seeing them live and in person is better than any picture I could take.

brinnon seal rock beach oysters

Oysters (O14A0420)

brinnon seal rock beach starfish

Starfish Stranded by Low Tide (O14A0435)

brinnon seal rock beach starfish

Group Hug! (O14A0438)
I think that the starfish at the bottom of this pile had just scored the game-winning goal.

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