Station Camp

Lewis And Clark National And State Historical Park

Chinook, Washington

Hwy 101 E of Ft Columbia SP near St Mary's Church

The Middle Village site along the Columbia provided the Chinook with access to the Columbia River, nearby forests and marshes, all rich sources of food and materials for their shelter and clothing needs.

The Chinook had moved to their winter village when the Lewis & Clark Expedition reached the site in November 1805. They used this site as a base for exploring the area around the mouth of the Columbia. It was from here that the group made its first excursion to the Pacific Coast, their destination for their cross-continent trek.

The Expedition camped here for 10 days before crossing the Columbia River to the site they selected to spend the winter, Fort Clatsop.

The site features some historical information about the Lewis & Clark Expedition and about the Chinook who had made this their home for centuries.

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Station Camp Marker (W11A0276)

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