Sun Lakes And Hiking

Sun Lakes-Dry Falls State Park

Coulee City, Washington

Park Lake Rd, Hwy 17, 2 miles S of Hwy 2

The result of massive Ice Age floods that swept across eastern Washington, Dry Falls was once by far the biggest known waterfall in the history of the world. But as the Ice Age ended, the floods stopped and the Columbia River returned to its normal channel, what was left was a 3.5-mile-long 400-foot-tall precipice in the middle of Grand Coulee - Dry Falls. Sun Lakes-Dry Falls State Park includes the falls, and the land at its base.

The area at the base of Dry Falls and north of Banks Lake is dotted by a number of small lakes, some of which are well-suited for swimming, boating and fishing. There are 15 miles of hiking trails that access some lakes, follow the shores of others, and provide a different perspective on Dry Falls.

The park also features a campground and basic visitor amenities.

sun lakes dry falls state park deep lake

Deep Lake (C14A2256)
Deep Lake is at the north end of the state park. Fishing and boating are popular activities here, as are hiking trails that follow the lakeshore.

sun lakes dry falls state park basalt columns at deep lake

Basalt Columns along Deep Lake (C14A2272)
Much of eastern Washington is covered by a thick layer of basalt. Columns of basalt are often exposed along the walls of the state's canyons and coulees.

hiking at sun lakes dry falls state park

Hiking near the Base of Dry Falls (C14A2231)
There are 15 miles of trails in Sun Lakes-Dry Falls State Park.

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