Starfish In The Food Chain

Coupeville, Washington

Below the Coupeville pier

I was checking out the view from the Coupeville pier when I noticed an abundance of starfish in the shallow water of low tide and on the pillars supporting the pier. As I got a good look at them I found evidence of their eat-and-be-eaten role in the food chain.

starfish and seagull

Starfish Below a Seagull (N10A0460)
I saw a lot of starfish in the waters surrounding the Coupeville pier.

starfish eats mollusk

Starfish Eats A Mussel (N10A0466)
This starfish remained above the water at low tide as it captured and started eating a mussel.

seagull eats starfish

Seagull Eats A Starfish (N10A0461)
This small starfish found itself at the other end of the food chain, captured in the mouth of a seagull. Somewhere some mussels must have been smiling. Well, maybe not.

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