Fat Smitty's Restaurant

Discovery Bay, Washington

282624 Hwy 101 @ Hwy 20

Carl "Fat Smitty" and Mickey Schmidt run Fat Smitty's Restaurant along US 101 in Discovery Bay where Highway 20 heads north towards Port Townsend. It's a classic burger, sandwiches and fries joint, and a good one at that.

What catches the attention of passersby is the assortment of carvings that decorate the front of the building and parking area - people, a giant Pepsi bottle and a terrific rendition of the restaurant's specialty, the Fat Smitty Burger, carved from a single tree trunk.

Once inside you'll find lots of evidence of a Fat Smitty's tradition. For years, customers have written messages on dollar bills and tacked them to the walls and ceiling. You'll enjoy a lot of character with the great diner food.

discovery bay fat smitty's restaurant

Appetizing Artwork at Fat Smitty's Restaurant (O14A0026)

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