Indian Henry's Grave

Eatonville, Washington

Medical Springs Rd/Mashel Prairie Rd, 1.5 miles SW of Hwy 7

In the small Maschel Prairie Indian Cemetery northeast of Mt. Rainier lies the remains of So-To-Lick, known as Indian Henry. Indian Henry settled in the area in the mid-1860s with a small number of Native American families at a time when relations between Native Americans and white settlers were often strained at best. But Indian Henry succeeded in both worlds, living with the customs of both and maintaining good relations with the local white community.

He often worked as a guide. Indian Henry is credited with showing T.C. Van Eaton the locaton where Eatonville stands today, and he led several explorations of Mt. Rainier, some of which reached the summit, although he himself never summited the mountain. A meadow on Mt. Rainier, Indian Henry's Hunting Ground, is named for him as is an area hiking trail.

He may not seem all that remarkable by today's standards, but he lived in a very different time. It's a testament to how well Indian Henry was regarded that the memorial to him in this small out of the way cemetery is well-maintained and carries numerous tokens of those visitors who continue to stop by and pay their respects.

eatonville indian henry grave

Indian Henry's Grave (P14A0768)

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