Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve

Coupeville, Washington

Several locations in and around Coupeville

Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve preserves a number of sights and landscapes associated with the exploration and settlement of the Puget Sound area. European exploration of the area began when Captain George Vancouver's ship visited the area in 1792. The first permanent white settler, Isaac Ebey, arrived in 1850, and his family joined him in 1854. Farms were established, the town of Coupeville was founded, and a handful of blockhouses were built to protect settlers from Native American raids. Ebey himself was killed in 1857 in a raid reportedly by a group of Native Americans seeking revenge for an attack on them by the USS Massachusetts.

The area missed out on the development and commercialization that occurred in other areas, so Coupeville, one of the oldest towns in Washington, and the surrounding farms look much the way they did in the 1800s. This led to the establishment of the reserve. Coupeville, some blockhouses, and two state parks, Fort Casey and Fort Ebey, are among the destinations located in the reserve.

coupeville waterfront

Coupeville Waterfront (N10A0471)
Founded in 1852, Coupeville is the second oldest town in Washington. The coastal town today draws a number of tourists.

coupeville pier

Coupeville Pier (N10A0478)
Coupville Pier is a public fishing pier. Whale watching and fishing tours are sometimes available out of Coupeville.

davis blockhouse

Davis Blockhouse (N10A0491)
The Davis Blockhouse was one of a number of blockhouses built in the area to protect settlers from possible Native American raids. It is located in present-day Sunnyside Cemetery.

ebey family graves

Ebey Family Graves (N10A0494)
A number of members of the Ebey family were buried in family plots in or near Sunnyside Cemetery. The white headstone in the corner marks the location where Isaac Ebey was buried.

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