Twin Peaks Filming Locations

Fall City, Washington

Along Preston-Fall City Rd SE

Fans of the classic TV show Twin Peaks will recognize some locations in Fall City as filming locations for the show, including the home of Big Ed & Nadine Hurley, Big Ed's Gas Farm and the Roadhouse.

twin peaks hurley house

Home of Big Ed & Nadine Hurley (Z91A0003)
Located across from Big Ed's Gas Farm, Nadine Hurley perfected her silent drape runners in the window of this house. Since then the chain link fence has been replaced and the house painted a different color.

twin peaks big ed's gas farm

Big Ed's Gas Farm (Z91A0002)
Big Ed escaped from Nadine and flirted with Norma at his service station filmed here. The building underwent extensive changes and uses since Twin Peaks went off the air, and has since been replaced.

twin peaks roadhouse

The Roadhouse (Z91A0001)
The good people of Twin Peaks came here to drink, fight, listen to the ethereal singing of Julee Cruise and get messages from a giant. At the time of the filming in real life this was the Colonial Inn.

twin peaks roadhouse update

The Roadhouse (Updated) (Z09A0010)
The Colonial Inn was eventually renamed the Fall City Roadhouse, updated and painted.

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