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Forks, Washington

Various locations around town

Okay, so I didn't read any of the books or see any of the movies. And I'm not on Team Edward or Team Jacob. But I've been to and through Forks, Washington, the setting of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight saga, a number of times, and I figured some Twilight fans might like to see a bit of the real Forks.

And so has the Forks Chamber of Commerce. Although the saga was set in Forks and surrounding areas, the movies were actually filmed elsewhere. But that hasn't stopped Twilight fans from descending on the town. So the Chamber of Commerce identified a number of local destinations that aligned well with the settings and descriptions in the books. The local high school and police station were obvious selections. Local houses were designated as the homes of the Cullens and Swans based on descriptions. The Chamber of Commerce has even produced a nice map to help you find your way around.

While you're in the area, check out the nearby sights of Olympic National Park. Forks draws a lot of its character from its amazing surroundings.

forks twilight saga swan home

The Swan Home (O14A0190)
This house at 775 K Street SW represent the Swan Home where Bella and her father live.

forks twilight saga cullen home

The Cullen Home (O14A0192)
The Miller Tree Inn, a bed & breakfast located at 654 E. Divisiion Street, represents the Cullen Home.

forks twilight saga cullen home mailbox

See! The Cullen's Do Live Here! (O14A0191)
The folks at Miller Tree Inn show their Twilight spirit.

forks twilight saga city hall police station

Forks Police Station (O14A0195)
Bella's father, Charlie Swan, is the chief of police. The Forks City Hall and Police Station share this building at 500 E. Division Street.

forks high school twilight saga

Forks High School (O14A0197)
Bella attended Forks High School where she met Edward Cullen. This is Forks High School, Home of the Spartans, located at 411 S. Spartan Avenue.

forks outfitters twilight saga

Forks Outfitters (O14A0199)
For a while in New Moon and Eclipse, Bella worked for the Newton family at their store, Newton's Olympic Outfitters. For your own Olympic Peninsula outfitting needs, stop by Forks Outfitters, located at 950 S. Forks Avenue.

forks quileute treaty line

Quileute Treaty Line (O14A0201)
If you want to check out Jacob's hometown of La Push or if you just want to visit Olympic National Park's Rialto Beach, head west of Forks on Highway 110. Unless you're a vampire, of course. The folks at Three Rivers Resort put up this sign along the highway to remind vampires of the treaty line.

Nearby Sights

While you're in the area, check out these sights:

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