Loggers Memorial

Forks, Washington

1421 S Forks Ave @ Forks Timber Museum

Famous today for its vampires and werewolves, Forks is a historic logging town. Visitors can learn more about its logging heritage at the Forks Timber Museum.

But logging is a dangerous profession, and a number of loggers have lost their lives in accidents on the job. The Forks Loggers Memorial pays tribute to more than 700 deceased loggers. An 11-foot-tall wood carving of a logger, created by Dennis Chastain, stands in front of a set of glass cases that hold the names of the deceased, a "tribute to those in the timber industry who perished providing the materials for the backbone of America's greatness."

forks loggers memorial

Loggers Memorial (O14A0188)
Woodcarver Dennis Chastain created this sculpture of a logger, the centerpiece of the Loggers Memorial.

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