San Juan Islands

Friday Harbor, Washington

Ferry access out of Anacortes; by boat or plane

The San Juan Islands is an archipelago of more than 400 islands in the Salish Sea off the northwest coast of Washington, and across Haro Strait from Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The islands are primarily reached by boat; ferry service connects the mainland to Lopez, Orcas, Shaw and San Juan Island.

The islands are a popular tourist destination, featuring small villages, slow-paced farmland and lots of water-related activities, including fishing, kayaking, whale-watching and boating.

At this writing, the ferry system has adopted a reservation policy, so if you plan to go it is best to reserve a spot on the ferries well in advance of your trip, especially for holiday weekends. Some non-reserved slots are available, but those can fill up fast.

san juan islands washington ferry

San Juan Islands Ferry (S99A0116)
Ferries are a common way to reach the San Juan Islands, especially if you're bringing your car.

ferry departing friday harbor washington

Ferry Departing Friday Harbor (S99A0130)

downtown friday harbor san juan island washington

Downtown Friday Harbor Charm (S99A0125)

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