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George, Washington

It was bound to happen in a state named Washington. In the early 1950s the BLM provided more than 300 acres for the creation of a town to serve the needs of the local agriculture community. The winning bid was from a local pharmacist named Charlie Brown. He decided to name the town George after the first American president.

The city has a handful of tributes to George Washington. Many of the streets are named after types of cherries, not necessarily because of President Washington's childhood encounter with a cherry tree but because George is located in the heart of Washington's cherry-producing region.

george water tower

Water Tower (W08A0466)

george washington statue

Bust of George Washington (M08A0467)

martha inn sign

Martha Inn Cafe (M08A0468)
The Martha Inn Cafe has closed and the building has been torn down, but the sign was still there the last time I passed through George.

valley forge fruit company

Valley Forge Fruit Company (M08A0469)
One more local tie-in to the George Washington theme.

Nearby Sights

While you're in the area, check out these sights:

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