Granger, Washington

Easily spotted at several locations throughout town

Granger is one of a string of towns in the Yakima Valley that provide services for people who work in the local agriculture industry. To distinguish itself - and to pull in some tourists - the people of Granger began installing dinosaur sculptures around town. The first one was created in 1994. Today there are dozens, discovered in an easy walk through town. New dinosaurs are added regularly. The annual Dinosaur in a Day Festival brings the community together to create a new one each year.

The dinosaurs are appealing to tourists, but they do not accurately reflect Washington's paleontological history. No dinosaur fossils have ever been found in the state.

granger dinosaur

Dinosaur Sizing Up a Snack (T13A0034)
Those leaves look tasty.

granger dinosaurs

Dinosaur Tending to Its Young (T13A0031)

granger dinosaur bursts through building wall

Surprise! (T13A0036)
Keep on the lookout as you walk through Granger. You never know where the next dinosaur will show up.

volcano as a public restroom

Volcano/Public Restroom (T13A0046)
This volcano looms over Granger, a visual that helps transport visitors back in time to when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Well, not really. It actually houses some public restrooms at a dinosaur-filled local park.

Nearby Sights

While you're in the area, check out these sights:

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