Hanford Reach National Monument

Richland, Washington

Along Hwy 240 and Hwy 24 north of Richland

Hanford Reach National Monument was created from the security buffer that surrounded the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, site of the world's first full scale nuclear reactor. The buffer was created in 1943 during World War II and thus has not been developed or used for agriculture since then. Located along the Columbia River, the park includes high desert and Columbia River ecosystems.

Only a few parts of the monument, particularly along the Columbia River and the McGee Ranch area, are open to the general public. Other areas are limited to ecological research.

hanford reach

Hanford Reach (M08A0446)

hanford reach

Hanford Reach (T13A0021)

hanford reach

Hanford Reach at the Columbia River (T13A0025)
Where Highway 24 crosses the Columbia is a small roadside park with information about Hanford Reach and the nearby Department of Energy Hanford Site.

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