Buried A Frame House And Bigfoot

North Fork Survivors Gift Shop

Kid Valley, Washington

Hwy 504, east end of the village

The 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens created rivers of mud, ash and debris called lahars that ran down a number of nearby rivers, including the north fork of the Toutle River. The north fork lahar passed through Kid Valley, 25 miles downstream, where it damaged or destroyed a number of houses in this small village. One of the houses was an A Frame, just three days from completion when the eruption occurred.

When the lahar came to a stop, the bottom half of the house was buried and filled with the concrete-like mud. After digging the mud out of the A Frame, what was left was a house half under the now-higher ground level. The buried A Frame is now one of the attractions at the North Fork Survivors Gift Shop.

Also among the attractions at the shop is a 28-foot-tall bigfoot sculpture, created to memorialize Bigfoot whom some claimed had been killed in the eruption.

buried a frame house

Buried A Frame House (P13A0163)
The lahar that resulted from the 1980 eruption raised the land in parts of Kid Valley by several feet.


Bigfoot (P13A0166)

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