Lake Roosevelt

Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area

Grand Coulee, Washington

Numerous access points to the 130-mile-long lake in northeast Washington

When Grand Coulee Dam across the Columbia River in northeast Washington was nearing completion in 1941, water began filling the basin of the Columbia River leading to the creation of Franklin D. Roosevelt Lake, commonly referred to as Lake Roosevelt. The lake is about 130 miles long, stretching from the town of Grand Coulee near the dam to Northport, just south of the Canadian border.

The lake is the centerpiece of Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area, and is a popular destination for all sorts of water-related activities. Primary access points include areas above the dam at Grand Coulee, the Fort Spokane area, and several points along Highway 25 which follows the eastern shore of the northern half of the lake including the towns of Kettle Falls and Northport.

lake roosevelt

Lake Roosevelt (N10A0206)

lake roosevelt

Lake Roosevelt at the Spokane River (N10A0214)
The Spokane River flows from Lake Coeur d'Alene in northern Idaho westward to the Columbia River/Lake Roosevelt.

lake roosevelt

Lake Roosevelt near Kettle Falls (W12A0217)

More About Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area

Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area is primarily noteworthy for its water-related activities, including boating, fishing and swimming as well as for camping, hunting and short hikes in the adjacent lands. Although it is more than a bit off the beaten path in northeast Washington, there is road access in many locations.

The southern half of the lake borders the Colville Indian Reservation to the northwest, and a short stretch just north of the junction with the Spokane River borders on the Spokane Indian Reservation to the east. Remember to respect tribal laws when accessing Lake Roosevelt through tribal lands.

Lake Roosevelt is home to sturgeon that range from 8 to about 20 feet long. They're also at least 70 years old as the fast-moving water they need to spawn was flooded with the completion of Grand Coulee Dam.

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