Dutch-Themed Town

Lynden, Washington

Esp downtown along Front St

I hadn't heard of Lynden before I passed through town while taking a new route to the Canadian border. One of the first things that jumped out out at me was a large windmill at a shopping mall. I found a second large windmill downtown, several smaller ones, and other features to help me conclude that there is something Dutch about this town.

Lynden was founded in the late 1800s, but there was an influx of Dutch settlers in the area during the early and mid 1900s. A Dutch theme would take over much of Lynden's downtown, not only with the windmills but also architectural details added to the buildings to give them a Dutch flare. Downtown Lynden also features a Dutch bakery and a Dutch restaurant.

Although the area was one of Washington's dairy regions, many of the dairies have become berry farms. The town features an annual Raspberry festival every July, the Northwest Washington Fair is held here in August, and other events occur throughout the year.

So although I suspect this sentiment is not original, if you're looking for a Dutch treat, check out Lynden.

lynden windmill de wijn

Windmill de Wijn (C14A0170)
There are a number of Dutch-style windmills in town, both large and small. Windmill de Wijn, located in downtown Lynden at Front Street @ 9th Street, is 72 feet tall, making it one of the tallest such windmills in the country.

Nearby Sights

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