Smallest Post Office In America

Mineral, Washington

Approx 200 Mineral Lake Rd

Mineral is home to what was once the smallest post office in the United States. Built in 1898, the post office was only 8 feet by 8 feet square. Mail had to be packed in from as far away as Tacoma or Spanaway, so any local heading over to those towns usually brought everyone's mail back with them. To take care of the distribution of the mail, the family of August Ahlstrand built the post office, providing a slot for every family in the area. The building served this function until an official post office was established in Mineral that provided regular mail service.

Just up the street is the Mineral Lake Lodge. This historic 3-story cedar log lodge was once thought to be the largest log structure west of the Mississippi River.

mineral smallest post office in united states

Smallest Post Office in the US (P14A0748)

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