Molson Ghost Town Museum

Molson, Washington

Local Hwy 4777 off Chesaw Rd 15 miles east of Oroville

Old Molson was an old mining town that went from boom to bust in about a year. It was founded in 1900 by George Meacham and John Molson (of the Canadian brewing company fame) as a mining town and died the following year as the mines failed and as a result of a homesteading land dispute that resulted in several people moving about a half mile north, establishing New Molson.

Molson started growing again in 1905 when the railroad arrived, becoming the biggest railroad freight shipper in this part of the state. At its peak the town featured auto dealers, movie theatres, hotels, restaurants, pool halls and five churches. But the town eventually faded again.

Today, Old Molson Ghost Town is an open air museum. New Molson is home to a handful of residents. The Molson school building has been turned into a museum about the town and region's history.

molson ghost town

Molson Ghost Town (W12A0252)

molson ghost town

Molson Ghost Town (W12A0256)

molson chost town

Molson Ghost Town Bank Cage (W12A0254)

molson ghost town

Molson Ghost Town Farm Equipment (W12A0242)

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