Hiking At Sunrise

Mt Rainier National Park

Ashford, Washington

Several trails start at the Sunrise Visitor Center

Sunrise, towards the northeast end of Mt. Rainier National Park, is located at about 6400 feet elevation, making it the highest point in the park that you can reach by car. There are several decent views on the drive up. Once you get to Sunrise, there are a number of hiking opportunities that feature some of the best views of Mt. Rainier that a day-trip visitor to the park can experience with short, relatively easy hikes.

Because of its elevation, the road to Sunrise may not open up until June or July, and it can close for the season as early as Labor Day weekend in September.

Emmons Glacier, Sunrise Point, Mt. Rainier

Emmons Glacier Viewed from Mt. Rainier's Sunrise (Z04A0015)
A short hike from the Sunrise Visitor Center leads to views of the receding Emmons Glacier.

Inter Glacier, Sunrise Point, Mt. Rainier

Inter Glacier, between Emmons and Winthrop Glaciers (Z04A0016)
The Sunrise Nature Trail leads to a number of great views and other hiking trails.

Winthrop Glacier, Mt. Rainier

Winthrop Glacier, from the Sunrise Nature Trail (Z04A0017)
This was my view when I stopped for lunch.

red leaves at Mt. Rainier

Fall Color along the Sunrise Nature Trail (Z04A0018)
It was near the end of wildflower season during this visit, but some fall color was taking hold along the trail.

More About Sunrise

The visitor center at Sunrise provides meals, snacks, restrooms and souvenirs in addition to information about the park and the local hiking trails. Leave plenty of time for sightseeing stops and slow drivers for the 14-mile drive from the turnoff at Highway 410.

It is 60 miles from the Nisqually Entrance along Highway 706 near Ashford to Sunrise. If you are coming to Sunrise directly from Seattle or Tacoma, the northeast entrance along Highway 410 will be shorter, but covers much less of the park. Consider looping through the park, especially if you also want to see Paradise and Longmire.

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