Skyline Trail At Paradise

Mt Rainier National Park

Ashford, Washington

Along Hwy 706 east of Ashford

Paradise is a popular day-destination at Mt. Rainier National Park. It offers lots of hiking trails and features some great views of Mt. Rainier. During the short summer season the area is also covered with wildflowers, making for scenic hikes whether you're looking at the mountain or the flowers.

For a short introductory hike, especially with small kids, consider hiking the mostly paved segment of the Skyline Trail to Myrtle Falls, where you can get a nice picture of the falls or Edith Creek above the falls with Mt. Rainier as your backdrop. It's just over a half mile from the trailhead to the falls.

If you're feeling more ambitious, hike the full six mile Skyline Trail loop. It's a lot more rugged and mostly unpaved, but here you get a full range of some of the park's best scenery, including Nisqually Glacier, meadows filled with wildflowers, creeks, falls, and of course Mt. Rainier itself.

This is my favorite trail in the park, whether I hike the full loop or just a segment of it.

mt rainier paradise skyline trail

Mt. Rainier from the Skyline Trail at Paradise (P14A0661)

mt rainier paradise skyline trail myrtle falls

Mt. Rainier from Paradise (P14A0654)

mt rainier paradise skyline trail nisqually glacier

Nisqually Glacier and Mt. Rainier (P05A0189)

mt rainier paradise skyline trail wildflowers

Wildflowers at Paradise (P05A0214)

mt. rainier wildflowers

Wildflowers at Paradise (P05A0215)

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