Sunrise Point

Mt Rainier National Park

Ashford, Washington

Hairpin curve near the upper end of Sunrise Rd

As you take Sunrise Road to Sunrise, you'll find a parking area at a hairpin turn not far from the end. This is worth a stop, not so much for views of Mt Rainier - you'll get those at Sunrise - but for views of the surrounding landscape. To the south you'll see the White River Valley and the peaks of Governors Ridge beyond. To the north is Sunrise Lake, the first stop along a trail that leads from Sunrise Point to some backcountry packing spots.

Mt. Rainier may get most of the attention, but the area around it is quite beautiful, too, and well worth checking out as you visit the park.

mt rainier sunrise point

White River Valley (P14A0542)
Although the views of Mt. Rainier itself aren't all that great at Sunrise Point, it's worth a stop to see the surrounding landscape, including this view of the White River Valley, downstream from Emmons Glacier.

mt rainier sunrise point sunrise lake

Sunrise Lake (P14A0536)
It's a short but steep hike down to the shores of Sunrise Lake (remember that you'll have to hike back up). The trail continues on to backcountry campsites at Dick's Lake and Upper Palisades Lake.

More About Mt. Rainier National Park

Spectacular scenery. Great hiking. Challenging mountain climbing. Mt. Rainier has a lot to offer to those looking to get away from it all and to those looking for a great day trip out of Seattle. Several places in the park, including Sunrise Point, provide trail access to the backcountry.

When experiencing Mt. Rainier National Park, it can be easy to forget that Mt. Rainier is regarded as one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. It has much in common with Mt. St. Helens. But Mt. Rainier is bigger, it's covered with much more ice and snow, and it is closer to major population centers. Lahars from past eruptions have flowed as far as present-day downtown Seattle and Tacoma. So enjoy it while you can.

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