Highway 504 Viewpoints

Mt St Helens National Volcanic Monument

Toutle, Washington

Along Hwy 504, 40+ miles east of I-5

Mt. St. Helens is in view from a number of places along Highway 504 as visitors approach Johnston Ridge Observatory. These viewpoints provide different perspectives of the mountain, the blast zone and the north fork of the Toutle River.

mt st helens and castle lake

Mt. St. Helens and Castle Lake (P13A0188)
The debris avalanche that came down the Toutle River the day of the 1980 eruption blocked South Fork Castle Creek, which led to the creation of Castle Lake (center right). A spillway has since been constructed at the lake to minimize the risk of the blockage being breached.

squirrel and wildflowers

Squirrel among the Wildflowers (P13A0191)
I saw this squirrel among the wildflowers at the Loowit Viewpoint.

mt st helens

Mt. St. Helens and Wildflowers (P13A0197)
The little bit of cloud above the mountain is actually steam. Water from snowmelt seeps down into cracks in the lava dome, eventually reaching rock that is hot enough to turn the water to steam. I took this picture from the Loowit Viewpoint.

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