Clark's Dismal Nitch

Lewis And Clark National And State Historical Park

Naselle, Washington

Just W of Megler Rest Area, Hwy 401 E of Hwy 101 bridge

On November 10, 1805, a strong winter storm stalled the Lewis & Clark Expedition for six days at small, rugged cove along the Columbia River only a few miles from its Pacific Coast destination. Captain William Clark referred to that spot as "that dismal little nitch".

Today, Clark's Dismal Nitch is located just to the west of a comfortable rest area along Highway 101. The rest area has signs that provide information about the Expedition's stay in the area, and offers nice views of the Columbia River.

dismal nitch lewis & clark nhp naselle

Dismal Nitch (W11A0286)
The rest area at Dismal Nitch features views along the Columbia River, including this one of Astoria, Oregon.

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