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Neah Bay, Washington

Neah Bay is the small village at the heart of the Makah Reservation, located at the northwestern tip of Washington State. Neah Bay is a popular fishing destination and claims to have the best halibut fishing in the U.S. outside of Alaska. Many visitors come here to hike out to Cape Flattery, the northwesternmost point of Washington and of the Lower 48 states - the westernmost point of the Lower 48 states is nearby. The Makah Museum is an interesting cultural stop.

Note that visitors to the Makah Reservation who intend to use its outdoor areas for various activities including fishing and hiking must purchase a recreational permit (available at the cash register at Washburn's General Store). At the time of my most recent visit, the permit cost $10 and was good for a year.

neah bay museum of the makah indian nation

Musuem of the Makah Indian Nation (O14A0136)
The Makah Museum features thousands of items related to the history and culture of the Makah people, many of which were recovered from the Ozette Indian Village Archaeological Site, a Makah village that was partially buried in a massive mudslide in 1750.

neah bay washburn's general store

Washburn's General Store (O14A0140)
Established in 1902, Washburn's General Store is an all-purpose store serving Neah Bay. Groceries, snacks, hardware, recreational gear and the Makah Recreation Permit are all available here, making it a good place to start your visit to the Makah Reservation. Public restrooms are also provided just off the parking lot.

Nearby Sights

While you're in the area, check out these sights:

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