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North Bend, Washington

In and around North Bend

Want some great cherry pie and a damn fine cup of coffee? Then you might want to visit the Double R Diner in the classic TV show Twin Peaks. A number of places in the North Bend area were used as filming locations for both the series and the follow-up movie Fire Walk With Me.

twin peaks opening credits location

Location of the Welcome To Twin Peaks Sign (Z96A0001)
Driving east along Reinig Road, you'll reach this curve in the road where the Welcome To Twin Peaks sign was set up for the opening credits. Mt. Si, a popular hiking destination, is in the background.

twin peaks double r diner

The Double R Diner (Z08A0001)
Named the Mar T Cafe at the time the show was filmed, the restaurant is now named Twedes. A fire several years ago led to a number of changes inside, so the interior is no longer recognizable from the show. A lot of Twin Peaks memorabilia is on display in back. I first visited this location in September 1991 and as luck would have it I came across David Lynch and cast and crew members as they filmed some scenes for Fire Walk With Me. The restaurant is located on North Bend Way @ Bendigo Blvd.

twin peaks mo's motor

Mo's Motor (Z09A0012)
In Fire Walk With Me, Leland and Laura Palmer had an encounter with the One-armed Man at the intersection of Meadowbrook Way SW @ SE Park St.

twin peaks mo's motor

More Mo's Motor (Z09A0011)
More from that intersection. The trailer park used as the Fat Trout Trailer Park is just off to the left.

twin peaks fat trout trailer park

Fat Trout Trailer Park (Z09A0013)
We last saw Special Agent Chet Desmond in this trailer park in Fire Walk With Me. It's located on SE Park St. just west of SE Meadowbrook Way.

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