Bonneville Lock And Dam

North Bonneville, Washington

About 1-2 miles E of town on Hwy 14

Bonneville Lock and Dam features a number of structures that cross the Columbia River between Washington and Oregon just east of North Bonneville, Washington. The dam creates Lake Bonneville.

On the Washington side I only checked out the view of the dam after having stopped at the visitor center and fish ladder on the Oregon side earlier in the day. Visitor Centers and powerhouses exist on both sides of the river, and tours are available. Some Nova Labs scenes from the movie Short Circuit were filmed at the powerhouse on the Washington side.

Located nearby is the Fort Cascades Historic Site & Trail, once the site of an early army fort and surrounding settlement long since lost to history. A self-guided trail leads visitors through the historic site.

north bonneville lock and dam

Bonneville Dam (P14A0379)

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