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North Cascades National Park Complex

Newhalem, Washington

Hwy 20, west end of the park complex

Newhalem is a small village located along Highway 20 towards the west end of the North Cascades National Park Complex. It is a company town populated by employees of the Skagit River Hydroelectric Project or the federal agencies that manage the park.

The village provides limited visitor services. Its market is the last stop for provisions for people heading east along Highway 20 until Mazama, about 60 miles away. However, if you need gas, Marblemount to the west and Winthrop to the east are the towns you want - they're about 90 miles apart.

newhalem number 6 train

Old No. 6 Train (W12A0480)
The Skagit Valley Railroad was built to carry workers and supplies to the dams and to construction sites along the way. Later the railroad was used for tourist excursions. The train was in service until 1954.

newhalem temple of power

Temple of Power Sculpture (W12A0476)
The Temple of Power, created by artist Dan Corson, uses recycled bushings from the Diablo Dam switchyard to create this Edwardian-style gazebo-like sculpture.

newhalem skagit general store

Skagit General Store (W12A0470)
For visitors approaching the Cascades from the west, the Skagit General Store is the last place to pick up food, beverages and other provisions.

More About North Cascades National Park Complex

The North Cascades National Park Complex includes the northern and southern units of the park as well as Ross Lake National Recreation Area. Ross Lake National Recreation Area includes some power-producing dams and the lakes behind them, most notably Diablo Lake and Ross Lake. Because of this development, this area isn't actually part of North Cascades National Park. Highway 20 which crosses the Cascades here is entirely within Ross Lake National Recreation Area, so visitors who stick to the highway may not actually set foot in the national park. However, there are numerous hiking trails that quickly lead into the park.

Visitors driving the North Cascades Highway just east of the lakes pass through some of prettiest scenery along this route, but this is also outside the national park itself. Rather, this stretch of road, which includes the Washington Pass Overlook, is in the Okanogan National Forest.

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