Lake Crescent

Olympic National Park

Port Angeles, Washington

Several miles along Hwy 101, about 20 mile W of Port Angeles

Lake Crescent is a large lake in Olympic National Park that follows the north side of Highway 101 for several miles. The lake is famous for its clarity as there is little nitrogen in the water to promote algae growth. Lake Crescent is a poplar boating, fishing a swimming destination. There is also camping and hiking in the area, including a hiking trail to popular Marymere Falls.

The lake is also quite deep. Officially it is designated as being 624 feet deep, but that's only because that was the maximum depth of the depth sounder that was used to measure the lake. Years later when a power cable was being laid in the lake, equipment used showed the lake to be at least 1000 feet deep, the limit of that equipment. That would put the bottom of the lake well below sea level, even lower than Badwater in Death Valley. The actual depth of Lake Crescent isn't known.

olympic national park lake crescent

East Beach at Lake Crescent (O14A0276)

More About Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park includes the Olympic Mountains, a large temperate rain forest on the western slopes, and a rugged strip of the Pacific Coast. Much of the park is roadless, prime wilderness hiking ground. Day visitors often head to Hurricane Ridge, the area around Lake Crescent, the Hoh Rainforest and Quinault as well as the coast at La Push.

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