Rialto Beach

Olympic National Park

La Push, Washington

West end of Hwy 110

Rialto Beach and the Washington coast to the north is a rocky stretch of coast that features giant drift logs, relentless waves and seastack islands - headlands since separated from the coast due to erosion.

Hike along the coast on the Pacific Northwest Trail for 1 1/2 miles north to the Hole-in-the-Wall, a natural arch eroded through one of the sea stacks. Pay attention to the tides as you explore the coastline in this area as some visitors have been left stranded or surprised by especially large waves.

rialto beach

Rialto Beach (O06A0005)

rialto beach sea stacks

Rialto Beach Seastacks (O06A0027)
There are a number of seastacks along the coast in this area, islands that were once coastal headlands but have since been separated from the mainland due to erosion.

rialto beach hole-in-the-wall

Hole-in-the-Wall Sea Arch (O06A0029)
The Hole-in-the-Wall is center-right in the photo. It is a bit difficult to see because there are dark trees in the background. Visitors can get a better look at low tide.

More About Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park encompasses a number of features of the northern Olympic Peninsula, including the Olympic Mountains, a large temperate rain forest on the western slopes, and a rugged strip of the Pacific Coast. Much of the park is roadless, prime wilderness hiking ground. Day visitors often head to Hurricane Ridge, the Hoh Rainforest and Quinault, the area around Lake Crescent as well as the coast at Rialto Beach.

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