Oysterville Historic District

Oysterville, Washington

Most of the village

The first white settlers arrived in what is now Oysterville near the northern tip of Long Beach Peninsula in 1854 and exploited the area's rich oyster beds. In just a year, the town was booming, so established that it became the seat of Pacific County in Washington Territory. The boom lasted until the late 1880s when the new train line stopped four miles short of town and the oyster beds became depleted.

The village faded but didn't disappear. In 1976 Oysterville was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. A walking tour leads visitors through town, past the old school, the Oysterville Church, and a number of houses, many of which date back to the 1800s.

oysterville school

Oysterville Schoolhouse (W11A0165)
The Oysterville Schooolhouse was built in 1907, the third of three schools that served the community. It was used until 1957.

oysterville church

Oysterville Church (W11A0169)
Built in 1892, the church was active until the 1930s. It was rededicated in 1980 and now offers ecumenical services.

oysterville houses

Houses along Territory Road (W11A0176)

leadbetter point state park

Leadbetter Point State Park (W11A0181)
Located just north of Oysterville on Stackpole Road, Leadbetter Point is a day-use park that features coastal trails, dunes, tidelands, ponds and miles of ocean shoreline.

Nearby Sights

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