Large Wood Carvings

Packwood, Washington

Several locations visible along Main St

As you pass through Packwood, you will notice a number of large impressive wood carvings located in front of homes, parks, businesses and a church. The tree trunks are big here, and so are the carvings. They're very good - it's well-worth a stop in Packwood to check them out.

I'd like to recognize the carvers who have created these. So far, I've only tracked down the name of Trace Breitenfeldt, who created the carving of Virgil Jeffries, a former resident nicknamed the Mayor of Packwood. Other carvings in town featured a similar style, so I suspect that they are also the work of Breitenfeldt.

packwood wood carving cowboy coffee

Cowboy Coffee Sculpture (P14A0487)
Sculptures of this cowboy and a rearing horse stand in front of Cowboy Coffee.

packwood wood carving jesus

Jesus with the Wildlife (P14A0493)
This sculpture of Jesus with some wildlife friends stands in Prayer Park, in front of a church that is home to both a Presbyterian church and Catholic group station.

Nearby Sights

While you're in the area, check out these sights:

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